Come back with us and get a discount of up to 12%

5% descuento early checkin
- This offer is subject to a certain number of apartments so that the unavailability does not give right to claim.
- Offer not cumulative to other discounts.
- This Offer can be reserved only by telephone.
- Discounts vary depending on L.S - LOW SEASON (01/01 TO 10/07 and 01/09 TO 31/12) or H-S - HIGH SEASON (11/07 TO 31/08) and the number reservations.

1 reservation   2 reservations   3 or + reservations  
H.S.   5% 7% 10%
L.S.   7% 10% 12%
- The H.S. and L.S. in the apartments of VEGA DE LA SELVA and COSTA TEGUISE BEACH correspond to different dates (consult).
- Special events and public holidays will always be considered as H.S.
- Reservations must have a minimum amount of € 400 to be able to apply the discounts in H.S. and € 200 in L.S.

For any questions you can request information by calling or contact us by WhatsApp.
We will answer you during office hours, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 6:30 pm.